Adding a new environment to a project

When adding a new environment to a project on Dropsolid Platform, there are a few need to know's and manual actions required.

In the example below a new environment extraenv is used

Following file will automatically be created by the platform, and should not be created manually

  • settings.php file (see etc/drupal/settings_extraenv.php)

Following file needs to be created or altered so the env works correctly 

  • deploy script (see bash/updates/

Following files may need to exists for your env to work correctly, depending on the structure and needs of the project

  • additional_settings.php (see etc/drupal/additional_settings.extraenv.php)
  • htaccess file (see etc/drupal/htaccess_extraenv)
  • robots.txt file (see etc/drupal/robots_extraenv.txt)