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Manage Segments

When you are on your CDP, you can manage the Segments available to you.
This means editing or deleting an existing segment.

From the Segments Overview page, click on the More button or Card title to open the desired Segment. If you have permissions to manage Segments, you will be able to now edit and/or delete the segment.

Segments overview

Segment detail

Edit Segment

Editing the Segment involves changing the same fields as you would when creating a new Segment. The only difference is that on an existing Segment detail page, you have all the fields on 1 screen instead of in 2 steps.

Edit the Segment Info

See the 'New Segment' Info documentation.

Edit the Segment Rules

See the 'New Segment' Rules documentation.

Delete Segment

If you have the correct permissions, you should see a red Delete button on the right side of the Segment title.

Delete Segment

If you click that, you should see a confirmation modal.

Delete Segment modal

Once you have confirmed, the deletion process starts and you are redirected to the Segments overview page.
Here you should see a warning message, telling you this process can take a while, depending on how many Profiles your CDP handles.

Deletion warning