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Here, you will find the updates made to our various products, listed by year of release and date.
The various releases are tagged by type:

  • Feature New functionality added
  • Change Things that now work differently (could also be removed functionality)
  • Fix Bugs that got resolved

November 29 - December 10th 2021


  • Change Updated Platform Angular version to 11
  • Change We removed the requirement of having a CRM id when creating a new project within the Dropsolid organization

November 15th - November 26th 2021


  • Change We've expanded the environment Logs modal to include more logs that go further back in time


  • Change The capture snippet is now smaller (no need to pass uuid or region) which reduces load time one sites and some features with options will use a dropdown

September 20th - October 1st 2021


  • Feature Added new documentation about CDP use cases
  • Change Moved examples from javascript API to use cases
  • Change Improved behavior when encountering 404 errors on CDPs


  • Feature Organization owners can now delete members, as well as some improvements have been added for adding/deleting members (better email validation, more information on roles, ...)
  • Feature The Standard Drupal 9 install profile is available, which is compatible (and should be used) with Composer 2.
  • Change The Standard Drupal 7 and Standard Drupal 8 install profiles are now compatible (and should be used) with Composer 2.
  • Change Marketeer roles now have separate CDP permissions to better allow managing of CDPs + they now share some permissions with Technical roles in order to access Project environments (and generate a login link)
  • Change Additional confirmation modals for various actions on Environments (clear varnish, htpasswd, ...)


  • Feature New Rocketship Core release
    6.0.0-alpha20 is released to solve a Jquery dialog issue


  • Feature The GMP extension is available by default in the Apache and shell image

September 6th - September 17th 2021


  • Feature The segments builder now allows adding nested subconditions to segments.
    This allows grouping and nesting a series of conditions with a specific operator (AND / OR) with other groups of conditions.
  • Feature Allow marketeers to create segments based on the scoring of a site visitor. This scoring is based on categories from the site and configured via the javascript API.
  • Feature Added new documentation about the necessary cookies and localStorage objects for Dropsolid Experience Cloud personalisation.

August 23rd - September 3rd 2021


  • Feature Drupal projects created with the Layout Builder Rocketship Drupal 9 installation profile are now compatible (and should be used) with Composer 2.
  • Feature Environments of Drupal projects now show the application version on the Technical info. This info is kept up to date on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Feature Gitlab is updated to the version 13.12, enabling new functionality like multi line comments, code suggestions, ...
  • Fix Switching to an unsupported PHP version is possible again (for specific edge cases where an old version is still needed).
  • Fix When creating a new environment, the selected PHP version is now correctly stored and used.
  • Fix The PHP version used on CLI or in scripts by an environment now corresponds with the version configured in the Dropsolid Platform interface.

August 9th - August 20th 2021


  • Fix Data caching works properly again in the Data Studio unomi connector
  • Fix Refreshing the fields of your data source gets the last added/removed fields in the Data Studio unomi connector


  • Fix Make sure that users who request SSH access get their chosen access duration

July 26th - August 6th 2021


  • Feature Added possibility to merge profiles on specific merge identifier

July 12th - July 23rd 2021


  • Fix Updating CDP domains no longer turns off the geolocation feature

June 28th - July 9th 2021


  • Feature SSH access for environments on production servers

June 14th - June 25th 2021


  • Feature Created Google Data Studio Connector for Unomi

May 31st - June 11th 2021


  • Change Updated the create, update and delete actions on segments so they are executed through a queuing system. This to ensure it’s scalability

May 17th - May 28th 2021


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